1/72 J35 Draken Ground Support Set, 12 units

1/72 J35 Draken Ground Support Set, 12 units

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SOME USEFUL IMAGES link: https://cdn.rebell.com/pdf/J35set.pdf.. DESCRIPTION IN PDF AT: https://cdn.rebell.com/pdf/GE72025.pdf MB319 Servicebil 405. Vehicle introduces in 1955 and customized for testing electronics on J35 starting ca 1960. 2 vehicles remaining in Swedish museums. Also used by Finnish Air Force Kraftvagn 745B Starting/Ground Power/warming up starting around early 1960s until around 1990s. Hydraulprovingsagregat 402 MT Hydraulic Testing unit, used from around early 1960s until 1990s. 1 Unit in Flygvapnet Museum. Omfornarvagn 802 “Humlan” Electric Power during maintenance Used only in hangars, not flight line, in conjunction with MB319L Servicebil 405. In use since around early 1960s until 1990s. At least one unit in Flygvapnet Museum. Optional due to size Ammunitionslapkärra 1 exact designation unknown For RB24 Sidewinders and/or J35 Drop Tank, also used by J32 Lansen One unit in the F11 museum in Nyköping. Ammunitionslapkärra 2 exact designation unknown For Cannon ammunition and Stowage etc (See below). Already used by J29 for RB24 Sidewinders since 1950s Syrgaskärra 873/Kvävgaskärra 875 Oxygen cart / Nitrogen cart In use since around 1970s and still in use. Some in museums. Tryckluftkärra 8051 (Compressed air cart) In use since around 1970s and still in use. Various units in museums. Startvätska MC 25 Lubrication cart In use since mid 1950s until with small modifications. (also to be used in future J37, J32 GSE Sets) Bogsergaffel Combination Tow Bar Useable for J32, J29 and SK60. In use from late 1960s to mid 1990s. 2 wheel configurations possible and extendable Domkraft Jacks, Also usable for J37 etc (sized for J37, can be cut to J35 Size) (also to be used in future J37 GSE Set) In use from early 1960s and most likely still in use. Munitions Box For 30 mm Aden Cannon and stowage. In use until mid 1990s.
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    Art.nr GE72025
    Fabrikat Gecko resin
    Skala 1/72
    Land Sverige
    Epok Modernt
    Second Hand Nej