Ultra precision soft sanding sticks 8-pack (grit 400 till 7000)

Ultra precision soft sanding sticks 8-pack (grit 400 till 7000)

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Grit : (400/600/800/1000/2000/3000/5000/7000) As a company that manufactures plastic models and exports to all over the world, we have completed the development of high-quality, high-precision sponge sandpaper of the INFINI series. Description -.Can be used both dry and wet, and has excellent abrasiveness -.Waste or dust from lapping or notched work does not stick well -.Even if the temperature changes, even when used folded, the particles never break -.All wood, surface polishing of furniture. It is used for paints and molds for musical instruments, automobile repairing, mobile phone injection, etc., -.Application of electrostatic induction method (electronic method) -.Can be reused after washing after use, at least 50% longer than other products Long life -.Good abrasive ability makes it possible to wear as much as you want -.Hygroscopic materials, high quality German sponge pads, 5 micron PU sheet for maximum flexibility -.Precise waterproofing of particles and excellent abrasion resistance -.Size: 140mm X 106mm Abrasive stone is very important. Choosing a constant size stone is also important, but more importantly, the stone must be properly ground during the operation. If the surface of the product is cut and the sandpaper is not separated at all, foreign objects will be trapped between the abrasive stones and the abrasive work can not be done properly. This product has 50 ~ 100% longer life compared to existing products by applying fine grinding stone and its effect is also good.
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