Rivet-R tool

Rivet-R tool

I lager: Nej

Pris: 149,00 kr


This is an attachment for a standard craft/hobby knife. Use this tool to scribe rivets on plastic, resin and even soft metals. This tool makes round imprints rather than the square imprints made by other tools. The tool comes with 4 separate wheels with the following pitch (distance between rivets): - 0.75mm (~0.03in) - 1.00mm (~0.04in) - 1.25mm (~0.05in) - 1.50mm (~0.06in) Extra wheels with the following pitch: 0.65mm (~0.025in) and 0.55mm (~0.02in) are available. The tool is made entirely from stainless steel. The set does not include the handle. If you do not have the handle in your spare box, you can get one very affordably from your local art and hobby store. Handles are manufactured by X-Acto, Excel, Jakar (as well as generic no-name brands).
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    Art.nr RBT009
    Fabrikat RB Production
    Skala Nej
    Land Nej
    Epok Nej
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