Vampire FB.5 Over Northern Sky NO, SF, SE

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Vampire FB.5 Over Northern Sky NO, SF, SE

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The Vampire fighter became of the greatest British export success in post-war period. Owing to its simple and sophisticated design, rather high performance and also due to favorable price, the Vampire became the first, or one of the first jet planes for many of countries. Amongst them were also Norway, Finland and Sweden (which had also developed their own SAAB 21 jet fighter, but J28 Vampire was first in service). Highly detailed model in excellent quality (3D design and steel moulds) is spread in two frames accompanied with one sprue of clear parts. The decal sheet offers one Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish machine. The Norwegian and Swedish are camouflaged, while the Finnish one is in aluminium dope overall. There are in fact two decal sheets, the first containing the national and other markings, on the other sheet you can find full set of stencils for all three machines in their respective languages. We wouldn´t be able to prepare this stencil decals without help from modellers and historians from these three countries.
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    Fabrikat Special Hobby
    Skala 1/72
    Land Sverige
    Epok Modernt
    Second Hand Nej