Soviet ОТ-34/76 flamethrower

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Soviet ОТ-34/76 flamethrower

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Soviet ОТ-34/76 WWII Soviet flamethrower tank The OT-34/76 tank was a serial modification of the T-34/76 tank with a flamethrower installed in the frontal sheet of the hull. Aiming the flamethrower at the target was carried out by turning the entire tank. In the armored case, a 105-liter container was installed for a special fire mixture, it was located at the site of the radio station, which in turn was removed or placed in the tower. At the same time, the crew of the tank was reduced to three people. The use of flamethrower tanks in close combat made them a dangerous enemy, and had a strong psychological effect on the enemy. OT-34/76 retained its main armament (76.2 mm cannon) and could be used as a conventional tank. Several tank factories were engaged in the production of flamethrower OT- 34/76 in the Soviet Union, among which was the factory number 183 in Nizhny Tagil.
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    Fabrikat ICM
    Skala 1/35
    Land Ryssland/Sovjet
    Epok WW II
    Second Hand Nej