JA37 Viggen P12 Petter Blå

JA37 Viggen P12 Petter Blå

I lager: Ja

Pris: 195,00 kr


When the 2nd and 3rd Squadrons at Uppland Wing F 16 closed down in year 2000, the technical personnel at 2nd Squadron decided to paint a JA 37 overall blue to celebrate this event. The choice of the color was natural – blue has been the color of 2nd Squadron. These decals are printed with a UV printer on solid decal film. They are very strong and not sensitive to scratching as is the Alps prints. You must cut out the motives before soaking them for application. The design is based on the work of Anders Nowotny, refined to better match the UV printing process.
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    Art.nr RBD7225
    Fabrikat Red Bolt Decal
    Skala 1/72
    Land Sverige
    Epok Modernt
    Second Hand Nej