How to Paint WWII Luftwaffe Late Fighters

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How to Paint WWII Luftwaffe Late Fighters

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SOLUTION BOOK is a simple and basic guide intended to help any modeler to easily achieve similar results to those shown in every example. With this guide, you can paint any late war German fighter. Although we have chosen a Fw 190 D-9 as an example for this step-by-step guide, the same processes can be applied using exactly the same sequence and methods to any other Luftwaffe fighter dated to the end of the conflict. Simply grab your favorite model and start painting without further delay! All the products shown are easy to use and the most adequate to recreate the effects shown. By maintaining the order of application and drying times stipulated, you will be rewarded with great results. Now buckle up and enjoy the experience of being guided by the hand of a master modeler! Book, soft cover, 70 pages in full color. This book is Multilingual: English, Spanish & French.
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