Kawasaki Ki-45 Kai Tei Toryu (Nick)

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Kawasaki Ki-45 Kai Tei Toryu (Nick)

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1. FIRST IS THE TEI VERSION! The first kit provides the opportunity to replicate the "Tei" & "Hei/Tei Tai-Atari" aircraft! Japanese-aircraft fans can enjoy choosing the equipment & recreating the airplane! 2. ABOVE ALL, THIS FORM!! The shape of the aircraft, outlined in beautiful curves, is faithfully reproduced!! The nose, canopy area, and twisted-like surface of the fuselage, is a true masterpiece! 3. BASED OFF OF THOROUGH RESEARCH AT THE SMITHSONIAN OF THE SOLE REMAINING ACTUAL AIRPLANE!! Through assembly, you can study the method of suspension of the upward-aimed Ho-5 cannon and the mechanism behind its ammunition supply and discharge!
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    Art.nr ZM-SWS32-13
    Fabrikat Zuike Mura
    Skala 1/32
    Land Japan
    Epok WW II
    Second Hand Nej