Jagdpanther Photosnajper 4, bilingual Pol / Eng

Jagdpanther Photosnajper 4, bilingual Pol / Eng

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In 1940 the Germans developed their first mobile anti-tank vehicle armed with a Sturmgeschutz III assault gun. In 1943 the Jagdpanther was created based on the Panther chassis and components and a newly developed 88mm gun - a formidable opponent as the British discovered after the D-Day landings, when three Jagdpanthers ambushed and destroyed 11 Churchill tanks in two minutes. Preserved Jagdpanthers can be seen in many tank museums, inclusing the Imperial War Museum in London, and Bovington in Dorset. This book offers the complete illustrated story of the development and deployment of this tank, featuring close-up photographs showing the essential details of wheels and tracks, armament and engine. Modellers can find plans and small photographic details for a complete 1/35 scale model Jagdpanther. Size: A4 Paperback: 52 pages Language: Fully bilingual German / English 9788390700595 839070059x
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    Art.nr KAPS04-AG
    Fabrikat Kagero
    Skala Nej
    Land Tyskland
    Epok WW II
    Second Hand Second Hand