IJN Aircraft Carrying Cruiser Mogami

IJN Aircraft Carrying Cruiser Mogami

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The Aircraft Carrying Cruiser In the latter half of the Pacific War, the Japanese Navy refitted the Mogami to improve her reconnaissance ability. Construction of the Mogami was completed in July 1934, and she was initially armed with five triple 15.5cm main guns. After the withdrawal of the London Naval Treaty, she was refitted with three triple 20.3cm main guns and became a heavy cruiser. In the first half of WWII, she served at the Malayan Operation and the Battle of Sunda Strait. Later at Midway in June 1942, she was heavily damaged by an aircraft bombing raid but was able to return to port. During repairs, she was fitted with an upper deck which could carry 11 aircraft, and ten triple 25mm anti-aircraft batteries were added for defense. In May 1943, the newly shaped Mogami left the dry docks but due to damaged sustained in November of the same year from air attacks at Rabaul, she underwent further repairs and her armament was once again strengthened. In June, 1944, she served at the defense of the Mariana Islands, and it was in October at the Leyte Gulf where she saw her end when she was attacked by enemy warships suffering catastrophic damage and sank into the depths of the Mindanao Sea. About the Mogami Standard displacement:12,000 tons, Length: 200.6m, Output: 152,000hp, Top speed: 36 knots, Armament (At time of completion): Three twin 20.3cm guns, Four twin 12.7cm High Angle guns, Ten triple 25mm guns, 4x61cm triple torpedo launchers, Aircraft: Mitsubishi F1M Observation Seaplane, Aichi E13A Reconnaissance Seaplane. About the Model This is a 1/350 scale plastic assembly kit of the Japanese Aircraft Carrying Cruiser Mogami. ●Length: 573mm, Beam: 76mm. The 1943 reformed model of the Mogami with its uniquely styled aircraft deck has been accurately reproduced. ●The ships hull separates into port and starboard parts and one-piece lower hull helps to produce the form of the beautiful bow. ●Large sized parts depicting the ship's hull and flight deck are secured with screws allowing you to accurately build the model. ●The precision moldings of the super structure and funnels provide a realistic finish. ●Transparent parts accurately depict glass part such as the bridge's windows and searchlight lenses. ●The main guns, torpedo launchers, high angled guns, and catapult are moveable. ●You can choose either to have the main guns in a stowed or deployed position. ●Parts such as mast and antenna's are made from strong ABS resin parts. ●Each machine gun part, fire extinguisher, and heat dissipation board are rich in detail. ●Photo-etched parts are included for parts such as the crane, catapult, aircraft propellers, aircraft transport trolley, and catapult trolley for an ultimate realistic finish. ●Metal parts depict anchor chains and propeller shafts. ●Set includes detailed 3 Mitsubishi F1M and 8 Aichi E13A. Display stands for depicting aircraft in flight are included. ●Full hull model display stand included.
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    Art.nr TA78021-V
    Fabrikat Tamiya
    Skala 1/350
    Land Japan
    Epok WW II
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