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(USE WITH SA72001 AND SA72003). A-Stoffanhanger liquid oxygen fuel tank on trailer for V-2 rockets. The A-stoffanhänger is yet another model from our Special Armour range to represent a member of the A4/V2 family of support vehicles and the design of this model was completed using state of the art CAD. The parts of this kit are provided on two sprues of sand coloured plastic which are moulded within high quality injection steel moulds in order to make sure that the parts of this notably large vehicle are of the highest possible standard. Development of the A4/V2 missile was a very demanding project. Besides the design work on the rockets a need also arose to design new equipment and support vehicles to maintain this weapon system, especially on a mobile basis out `in the field'. One of these vehicles was the A-Stoffanhänger trailer. This four wheeled road trailer was used for refuelling of the A4/V2 rockets with liquid oxygen, which was also known as Sauerstoff and code named A-stoff by the Germans. Empty weight of this road trailer with pneumatically operated brakes was 3.100kg, with a full payload of 8.000kg. The fuel tank was welded together with a steel frame construction and this was movably mounted on the chassis. The tank had two main parts, the outer steel envelope and inner pressure tank with capacity of 6000 litres. Between the outer envelope and the pressure tank there was an insulating layer made of Iporka foam. (note - use of glass wool as an insulating material is stated in another source). The tank was filled with liquid oxygen and as this substance was constantly boiling, a pressure valve was fitted in order to allow vapours to drain off the tank. A filling valve and a hose were located at the rear of the tank. The A4/V2 rocket support vehicles were known as "Fahrzeug der Gruppe 4" vehicles in German nomenclature and this trailer was assigned number 402 (Nr.402). Because of its heavy weight, the SS-100 Gigant was the most widely used tractor for towing this trailer.
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    Art.nr SA72015
    Fabrikat Special Armour
    Skala 1/72
    Land Tyskland
    Epok WW II
    Second Hand Nej